blooming trees

Tulip Tree is a deciduous tree native to North America, that can grow to heights of over 30 m with trunk diameters of 4-6 ft. It sometimes takes a conical form, but when grown in the open tends to assume a broad columnar shape that is its signature form. The distinctive cup-shaped flowers are 1.5 in across and about 2-2.5 in length and look like tulips growing on a tree. The handsome flowers are greenish-yellow with orange markings, borne at the branch tips. Stamens are long, and are arranged in many ranks – when the petals fall off, a cup of these stamens still remains on the tree. Alternately arranged leaves are 5-6 inches long, as much broad, four-lobed, heart-shaped or truncate or slightly wedge-shaped at base, entire, and the tip cut across at a shallow angle, making the upper part of the leaf look square. Flowers are followed by brown scaly cone-shaped fruit. Flowering: March-April.